Save 15% off on orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150

Coupon Codes

I’m an extreme couponer at heart and absolutely love to find great deals, so I thought what better thing to incorporate into my boutique!  

    Here’s some to get ya started! 

    RAINBOW2 gets you $5 off any (2) Fluorite carvings 🌈 

    ENERGY2 gets you $5 off any purchase of (2) spheres or towers priced over $10 💫

    MOONMAGIC gets you $5 off a Moon trinket dish with any $20 purchase: to get this

    1. You have to have a $20 purchase and add a Moon Trinket dish
    2. then enter the code MOONMAGIC .

    mj gets you $20 off both marijuana leaf carvings! 

    Now for a Game of sorts! 

    HUNT425 gets 25% OFF if you find the items! 

    This requires you to interact with my TikTok and Instagram and Facebook 💕💫

    I have (3) items, all different price ranges that I’ve applied this coupon code to!  

    1. One item over $100
    2. One Item between $50-$99
    3. One Item under $50 

    If you find the item and apply the coupon code HUNT425 this gets you 25% off 🌟💫 

    I’ll give clues and hints randomly through Social Media, so be sure to follow all sites! 


    Thanks for visiting 🌟💫💕