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Growing Magic Vibes

I created #GrowingMagicVibes because I had just lost my toddler and had so much grief I didn’t know what to do, so I transmuted my grief in handmade items, plants and now hand picking crystals to sell!

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Anything you see can be picked up in Hastings, Nebraska : growingmagicvibes is my instagram

Michelle Tatro-Heeren (owner)


One of a Kind Crystals

I only pick out crystals that I personally find stunning, I literally connect with them, and know they are meant for someone!

Crystals are full of energy, and I truly believe they are magic! They have helped me through transmuting my grief from losing my toddler son.

Growing Vibes through Crystals

Ryker’s Rainbows 🌈

Handmade items in memory of my son Ryker Dean I’ve made using the grief of losing him.  

Suncatchers, car charms, many bracelets, pocket and full size Malas, Mala style sphere stands and more

Ryker’s Rainbows

Love and Light Plants

Plants have been essential in #GrowingVibes during grief as well, I call it creating life and just love to clip and prop baby plants along with make custom special one of kind arrangements! This is one of the first ways I raised my vibe back in 2019 was add plants to my house, then during ‘Covid I emerged myself and my kids into gardening, now I use them to transmute my grief, nothing better than to see a plant grow because you love it. I love them all!

Love And Light Plants

Specialty Items

I go wherever my intuition takes me! I’m an intuitive Starseed and self learning about crystals, herbs and everything metaphysical is what I love to do!

Everything Else Magic

Crafting Studio

I’ve added yet another outlet for my grief and it all started with a video on FB! After figuring out the details and perfecting my technique, I find it quite therapeutic and sure hope people will like them!

I love them because they are made using upcycled materials! Cardboard tubes get used for the small gnomes and I discovered a way to also use the top 1/3 of a water bottle to creat bigger gnomes, Christmas trees and even ice cream cones!

I handcraft them focusing on minimal waste and put lots of love in each one!

I accept custom orders and will try to personalize anything for your decor!

Crafting Studio


I have now expanded to knitting items!

I truly knit with intention, intention of comfort, warmth and protection!

Each one is handmade using premium yarn and each one is also super unique down to the color gradients 🌈🧶

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Making them $25 each!


Growing Vibes

I am new to the wonderful world of Crystals and since my first purchase from Growing Vibes by Michelle, she has been so helpful in answering any of my questions and explaining things so I understand. She has such a huge variety of products all different shapes and sizes and you will definitely be sure to find at least one you are drawn too!

Sam S.

Very helpful and patient love everything I got came super fast after ordering

Tessa W

Would recommend "Growing Vibes" crystals 100%.
I love the items I have received so far and will definitely be purchasing more.
If your looking for something special they will find it.
Love the personal touch!

Susan C.

Variegated String of Pearls- coming soon

About ME

How It All Started

Growing vibes starts out with tragedy in December 2020 we suddenly lost our youngest of 6, one of our twins Ryker Dean very suddenly 6 days after they turned 2. It was only after autopsy we even found out why (undiagnosed electrolyte imbalance).

Since birth his nickname has been Star or RykeStar.

It was life shattering to say the very least. When we went through the 2 years worth of pictures our hearts were crushed but we did notice that Ryker always had rainbows on him. So I decided to use gemstones with glass globes to create what I call "Ryker's Rainbows Suncatchers." At the time it was giving me something to transmute my deep grief, keeping me busy (I'm a recovering alcoholic as well 3-9-19) plus I decided to sell them to raise money for Ryker's custom star shaped headstone.

Then I started making bracelets, but not just any bracelets, I was custom picking my favorite gemstones, creating designs using silver plated hematite stars...that spiraled into mala beading almost anything I can create.

You see I've always been a crystal collector since I was a kid, and when Ryker I really leaned on my spirituality, crystals have helped me immensely.

Houseplants and gardening were one of my favorite things to do during covid and I leaned on them again during my loss.

I decided I had to name this all something, I didn't want it completely crystals or plants, so I came up with Growing Vibes.

Who knows where I grow from here! Follow me on FB, Insta, and TikTok!!