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Fluorite Candy Carving

Fluorite Candy Carving

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I have 2 fluorite candy carvings!  One is yellow fluorite and one is rainbow fluorite, each sooo cute!  They really look like candy! 

Rainbow Fluorite 

Source: USA, England, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, normal, China, Peru, Brasil. 
Chakra: heart, cleanses all (varies according to color) 
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
Planet: Mercury 
Supports balance, coordination, self confidence, shyness, worry, concentration, centering, respiratory physical illnesses, physical pain due to arthritis, spinal injuries, pain relief and blemishes and wrinkles.  
This crystal is effective in overcoming disorganization and draws of negative energy to help with stress, helping to bring structure to a chaotic life along with stabilizes the aura.  It links groups together to bring stability towards a common purpose.  Fluorite can tell when outside influences and shuts of undue mental influence. It helps to ground and integrate spiritual energies promoting unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive powers, helping make you more aware of higher spiritual realities.  It helps to dissolve habitual patterns of behavior and brings the emotions causing them to come up for resolution.  It’s great for a learning Sid as it increase concentration and quick thinking while absorbing new information . 
*The Encyclopedia of Crystals- Judy Hall*